White Canadians with KKK uniform, noose, and blackface win Halloween costume prize.

A person wears a white cone with eyeholes on his head, and a Confederate flag is draped over his shoulders. He leads a White Caucasian man wearing black makeup on his face and hands, who is wearing a plaid shirt.

KKK costume shocks Ont. town (2010):

The Royal Canadian Legion ordered its Campbellford, Ont., chapter to close while police are investigating a complaint that a person in Ku Klux Klan robes led a man in blackface with a rope around his neck and won first prize at its Halloween party.

The photo above was taken by Mark Andrade, a black man, who recounts the incident:

“A guy in a Ku Klux Klan uniform, Confederate flag attached to the back, with a hood on, was holding a rope. And on the end of the rope was a guy in blackface, and the rope was really a noose around his neck,” he said.

He left right away and then later found out that the duo won first prize at the costume competition.

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(This is worse than last year: White Toronto students in blackface win Halloween costume prize.)