Period Time: Menstruation Music with Mya

Renee of Womanist Musings periodically blogs about menstruation. While my cycle used to be synced up with hers, this time I was late. Although periods are messy, inconvenient, and often painful, sometimes not having a period can be a source of mental anguish.

Mya‘s album Moodring contains a great track about this, called “Late”. You can listen to Late while you read the lyrics below, which were slightly modified from azlyrics:

28 days pass me by and she ain’t even show
Got me smokin’, knowin’ damn well I don’t even smoke
Cause the worst thing ain’t knowin’ when, but not knowin’ when at all
I shoulda been more careful when I let him rock my boat
I stressin’ all day, everyday, hopin’ it’s not the case
I hope I’m just

It shoulda came by now, so I’m tryna figure out
What the hell you did, to me when you took a dig
I’m overdue, what are we gonna do
I know my body, and it’s drivin’ me crazy
I’m never

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