Blogs by Canadians of Colour and Racialized Canadians

The English internet is full of white people and Americans, and it is difficult to identify Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians on the English web. While a high percentage of Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians use the internet (see: Facebook), the higher populations of Americans and whites on the English web make Canadians of colour both a national and racial minority.

Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians have shared experiences as Canadians, shared experiences as racial or ethnic minorities, and a unique intersectional experience of being “visible minority”, indigenous, or racialized. This experience is rarely discussed in American blogs about racism, and most Canadian blogs tend to celebrate multiculturalism as an indication that there is no racism in Canada.

The voices of Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians are often drowned out by white and American proclamations about the issue of race, but below is a rudimentary directory of blogs by Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians.


In Canada


  • reappropriate (Ithaca, New York, United States – originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Fledgling (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
  • 49 percent. (United States)

Honourary Canadians of Colour

  • TransGriot (Kentucky, United States) – She has an intimate knowledge of Canadian culture, and regularly blogs about Canadian content.
  • Resist racism: singoangle (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The list is in reverse-alphabetical order to counteract alphabetical order bias.

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If you know of a blog by a Canadian of colour that is not on this list, please post the link in the comments.

33 Responses to “Blogs by Canadians of Colour and Racialized Canadians”

  1. Renee Says:

    thanks so much for the shout out, I appreciate it.

  2. davitacuttita Says:

    Hey, Restructure!

    To answer your query, Grandpa lives in Vaughan, Ontario while I live in both Brampton & Toronto…you can list Toronto since I spend the majority of my year there anyhow.

    Thanks for shoutin’ us out and keeping shit O.G.


  3. Renee Says:

    I just remembered Ebony Intuition her other blog is Urban Swirl and I believe she is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  4. rabfish Says:

    jeez, are there that few of us? that sucks.

  5. Restructure! Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is not an exhaustive list, but rather my failure to find others. A lot of those come from exploring the blog rolls of Canadian bloggers of colour and finding another Canadian blogger of colour, and the exploring that person’s blog roll, etc. So there are probably many that are not linked up to the social networks I explored and the particular branches I happened to explore. There is also an obvious Toronto bias. Also, I haven’t found any indigenous Canadian blogs yet, but I’m sure it’s because my ignorance instead of their nonexistence. (There’s Jessica Yee, who is awesome, but she doesn’t have her own blog that I’m aware of.)

    I’m sure there are many bloggers that are secretly Canadian or secretly a person of colour, too.

  6. Restructure! Says:

    There are also two Chinese Canadian blogs that are not on the list, but I’m not going to link to racists.

    One of them explicitly rejects the “person of colour” label, so they shouldn’t be on the list anyway.

  7. Alston Adams Says:

    Do these blogs have to necessarily be about race, or do they just have to be owned by Canadians of colour? If it is the latter, then feel free to add mine.

  8. Maysie Says:

    Hi Restructure. My blog has been up for a while but I’m only now posting regularly. Check it out.

  9. Restructure! Says:

    Thanks! Cool blog!

    I think you’d also like Uppity Brown Woman’s blog.

  10. Restructure! Says:


    The links on your blog don’t work.

  11. uppitybrownwoman Says:

    I was just thinking about how few Canadian bloggers of colour I follow, and how Toronto-centric it is. When I find more, I’ll report back so this list can be expanded.

  12. Grant42 Says:

    No one from the Maritimes :(

  13. Restructure! Says:

    I added Racialicious posts by Thea Lim only into both the Canadians of Colour and the Antiracist Canadians of Colour aggregate feeds.

    Yahoo Pipes is awesome.

  14. Thea Says:

    Thanks for doing such a good job of keeping track of us Restructure! Now I feel special for fitting into both feeds :)

  15. missinpiece Says:

    Hi, just came across your blog and this list. I blog mainly about transracial adoption issues. I’m in NS – maybe I could get on your list? Thanks.

  16. Zetta Says:

    Hey, Restructure! I’m Canadian, but have lived in the US for the past 15 years…to some, that means I’ve forfeited my Canadian-ness, but I still have my passport and still have ties to the Great White North. I blog at Fledgling ( and would love to find a blogger who reviews books…if you know of anyone, please let me know. I’m slowly working through the list above–thanks–it’s a great resource.

  17. Blogs by Canadians of Colour « Canadian People of Colour Says:

    […] there is a list of blogs by Canadians of colour at my main blog, as well as aggregate […]

  18. Carolyn Says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and now that I’ve found it I feel like a dope for not finding many of these earlier. Thank you. And thank you for your own blog.

  19. Rebellious Arab Girl Says:

    Shout out for the blog love! I wouldn’t call my self colour minority.. but maybe culture minority living in a very multicultural land! You should have a poll of how many Canadians know more than one language. Eh? That would be fun to know! :) I think many people miss the whole point of the greatest northern land! I feel like singing Oh Canada? Don’t you? :D

  20. Restructure! Says:


    I assume you’re Carolyn from the Racialicious thread. I created this page because of the exact same problem that you pointed out! Alas, I wasn’t sure if I should have responded because I might have sounded self-promotional, or maybe I was lazy, or a little bit of both.

    If you use RSS feeds, I highly recommend this aggregate feed/mash up I made of different antiracist Canadians of Colour feeds: I actually use this a lot myself and I find it very useful.

    Also, here are my posts tagged with ‘Canada’:

  21. Maysie Says:

    Restructure, a belated thanks for the note about my links. I’ve re-done them all. Not pretty, but functional. Love your blog by the way! And the list of Canadian bloggers of colour is fab.

  22. blackinalberta Says:


    I’m located in Alberta Canada. Please add me to your Canadian bloggers list.

    This resource is great I’ve been searching for a place for black bloggers and specifically black Canadian bloggers for a long time.

  23. Restructure! Says:

    Black in Alberta, you’re already on the list! I love your blog!

  24. Carolyn/Jadey Says:

    Hi, sorry, it took me a while to scroll down on this page again! Yep, same Carolyn (and really bad at keeping my handles consistent). These links have been great, so thanks again!

  25. abagond Says:

    What is the difference between being “of colour” and being “racialized”? It sounds like the same thing.

  26. Restructure! Says:

    Some Arab Canadians do not consider themselves “of colour”, yet they are racialized. Also, some Muslims are white, yet white Muslims would still be racialized, since Islamophobic thinking is fueled by xenophobia, orientalism, and racism (e.g., Mark Steyn who complains about “Muslim” birthrate being higher than “The West’s” birthrate).

  27. sinoangle Says:

    Hi Restructure,

    Over a year later, I just saw on an old post of mine on RR that you informed me about this effort to list Canadian bloggers of Colour . I am in Montreal. I am not a born-here Canadian, and also am a fairly recent immigrant, as well as being mixed race and multicultural. I do however try to reference Canada and Quebec more often, leaving the US to my fellow bloggers, and also like to comment on France and Britain, two countries I lived in for a long time.

    I have been quiet for a long time due to personal reasons, but am beginning to feel the urge to blog again. :-D

    Can I also call to your attention the typo in your listing of me?


  28. Restructure! Says:


    I’m happy to hear you feel the urge to blog again. :) I’ve put you in the Honourary Canadians of Colour category, as I think you’re suggesting that you do not consider yourself “Canadian” (because you’re recently from France or Britain). Let me know if this is wrong.

  29. Samia Says:

    I was born and spent the first ten or so years of life in Canada (currently living in the US)…I’d be pretty stoked if I counted as an expat.

  30. skywardprodigal Says:

    A picture blog by a Canadian woc.

  31. Sana Malik Says:

    Great website. We’d love a shout-out if you can do so. We’re a blog based in Toronto and London, UK called This is Worldtown ( Reclaiming our voices as immigrant, racialized and minority youth from a media that chooses to exoticize us as trends, or misrepresent our views and perspectives. Please check us out, take a look and share content.

    Editor and Founder

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