White Americans did NOT elect Obama.

This myth won’t die:

But not everyone buys that script. Mona Charen, a conservative columnist for the National Review, challenges that view with this question: If more white Americans feel like an embattled minority, why did they elect President Barack Obama?

“Did they become racist after electing the first black president?” she asks.

Charen says the United States today is “incredibly tolerant and open.”

White Americans did not elect Obama. Most White Americans (55%) voted for McCain. Obama was elected by most Americans of color and a minority (43%) of White Americans.

Yes, the numbers can and do work like that.

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  1. Manju Says:

    This is deceptive without controlling for Party. You have to compare Obama to other Democrats.

    Starting from 68…to give us space from Jim Crow, which dramatically inflates white vote totals for Dems like JFK, due to their racially coercive monopoly of the region…Obama has beaten every democrat who ran for office, though the 2 southerners beat him in 2 of their 4 races.

    Humphrey: 38
    McGovern: 31
    Carter: 48
    Carter: 36
    Mondale: 34
    Dukakis 40
    Clinton : 39
    Clinton : 44
    Gore: 42
    Kerry : 41

    Obama got 43, leaving only Clinton and Carter in 2 of their 4 races who can claim to have bettered him among whites. Carter dominated the south and was endorsed by virtually every segregationist who filibustered the 64cra. So that skews his numbers. Clinton was able to pluck off a couple of southern states due to some residue confederate nationalism.

    To be fair, there was a Dixiecrat run in 68, but I doubt there are many who voted for a segregationist who would’ve voted for Humphrey. But Clinton totals are likely diminished in his first run b/c of Ross Perot. Conventional wisdom has it that Bush lost more to Perot. Since Clinton got 44 in his 2nd run during hugely prosperous times, I think 43 sounds like a good number if we erase Perot.

    But at the end of the Day, no democrat since the fall of Jim Crow has gotten more than 50% of the white vote. So I don’t see how Obama failing to get there means too much.


  2. Manju Says:

    Of course, Mona Charon is still wrong to say whites elected Obama, but whites did increase their support for a dem when a black man ran.

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