Five masked men assault white anti-racist activists in their home. (Calgary, Alberta)

Calgary anti-racism activists’ home invaded (CBC News):

The victims of a home invasion in Calgary early Monday morning are well-known anti-racism activists.

Calgary police said five masked men armed with bats and hammers forced their way into a home in the 5400 block of Eighth Avenue S.E. shortly after 1 a.m.

Police believe the home was targeted for attack, although they haven’t confirmed a motive. A neo-Nazi angle is being investigated, police said.

Three adults and four children were in the house at the time.

One of the adults was Jason Devine, who as a member of Anti-Racist Action Calgary has in the past posted pictures of suspected white supremacists on his blog. More recently, he and his wife had put up posters in their neighbourhood “outing” people they claim are neo-Nazis.


Devine was beaten about his head, on his back and on his arms. His friend had his arm broken and is still in hospital awaiting surgery.

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  1. AfroCan Says:

    Like I stated in my previous post,

    “Going public about white privilege is politically unpopular because there are risks for the White person. There are potential social consequences of being kicked out from the White social group as a “Race Traitor”.

    And the consequences can sometimes become pretty violent for the White anti-racist activist who calls attention to his White privilege.

    But for the moment, I feel it’s important to critically identify who the ENEMY is in this particular story that can and will resort to extreme acts of violence / bodily harm on those who relinquish privilege / speak out against racism.

    Was it POCs who committed the violence on other White people….No, but members of their OWN social group!

    However, White privilege will ensure they get “off the hook of accountability”. To borrow an example of the ways in which privilege operates in this Calgary chapter,

    “But police said they are looking to speak with a number of people, including Kyle Robert McKee, a self-proclaimed white supremacist who was charged in connection with a pair of homemade bombs left outside a northeast Calgary apartment last year.

    The charges were later dropped”.

    Despite all the White paranoiac delusions that POCs are trying to “take over” and are “attacking” White good liberal folks—-this story provides evidence to the contrary.

    POCs have no intention, no power to commit these acts of violence—at least not without some severe consequences to ourselves.

    Wake up, “sincere” White people! We are NOT your enemy!

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