In which Mark and Eduardo fulfill their yellow fever dreams

I wish all my news came in the form delivered by Next Media Animation TV.

The Facebook Movie in One Minute (via Jenn at Racialicious and Reappropriate) transcript:

The ‘Facebook Movie’ is the story of how one socially awkward male with mad coding skills, Mark, met Eduardo, another socially awkward male with lots of money. Their goal was to get laid. The website was an instant hit at Harvard. Their notoriety increased with Facebook’s popularity, thus allowing Mark and Eduardo to fulfill their yellow fever dreams.

But this upset a pair of row-boating wasps. The twins had a similar idea for a website and hard ‘hired’ Mark to code. For compensation, Mark would be allowed to bask in the aura of the twins’ awesomeness.

Mark then fell in love with Justin Timberlake, who was famous for some music thing he did. Mark decided to shack up with Justin in California. The two ‘unfriended’ Eduardo and Eduardo felt very hurt.

In the meantime, Facebook grew into a site with a gazillion users. It totally revolutionized the way we share information about our lives. It allows us to keep up-to-date on the important events in our friends’ and loved-ones’ lives. Facebook has also increased worker productivity, allowing employees everywhere to do their day jobs while simultaneously moonlighting as waitresses and farmhands.

But critics say Facebook doesn’t respect personal privacy. To bolster his image, Mark recently pledged to donate US$100 million to schools in New Jersey.
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This description of The Social Network is not 100% accurate, but it’s snarky and it has visuals!

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