Privilege and Perspective: White people are different.

Elon James White (abridged; video and transcript via Womanist Musings):

So we’re all familiar with the Black comedian doing “Black people do this, white people do that jokes.” I was thinking, because you know I’m a comedian and I’m black, I need to get on that, I need to get on that train okay? So I started to do a little bit of research and I actually ran across an article about governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, talking about how he was a part of the first generation that went to school with Blacks and it wasn’t weird. It was totally cool down in Mississippi, ya know? In fact, he remembers one of his Black schoolmates, her name was Verna Lee Bailey. And she was a lovely young lady, and he copied her notes from her because she would just share it with him. And it wasn’t even strange, because that is just how it was, Blacks and Whites working together; it was just awesome! HAHAHA, See, when people talk about Republicans being out of touch with race, they don’t talk about this stuff, you know. Good for him!

Funny thing though, the reporter who actually wrote this article, reached out to Verna Lee Bailey and the reporter found her. That is awesome! Maybe her and the governor can get together and talk about the good ole days, ya know, and how awesome everything was…

The first thing we found out is that Verna Lee Bailey’s name is actually Verna Anne Bailey. So what? I don’t remember the full names of people I went to school with. And apparently, Ms. Bailey has no recollection of Governor Barbour.

And when she was asked about her time at the University of Mississippi she described it as being terribly lonely. She talked about being called ‘nigger’ and having coins thrown at her. And actually people would call her dorm room and just make horrible crank phone calls. And one time she had to lock herself in her room because they thought that she was in danger because people were sending funeral wreaths. Her classmates wouldn’t even sit next to her in class unless the teachers made the seating alphabetical. She finished school in three years because it was so uncomfortable for her, she wanted to get the hell out of there.

HAHA! You know how White people be going to school in Mississippi in the 1960’s and they were like, “Everything is cool! Everything is great.” And then Black people be going to school in Mississippi in the 1960’s and they be like, “I’m being discriminated against. People are throwing coins at me and threatening my life.” HAHA, Black people and White people are so different.

Now I know that you guys are now expecting me to mock the governor of Mississippi, but I’m not going to do it. Personally, I believe he believes the ridiculous nonsense he was talking about concerning race relations in Mississippi in the 1960s. I believe he thinks that, but of course he does. He was a straight White male, in the South, in the 60s. There was no better time to be a straight White male, okay? Literally, he could just go punch a Black person in the face, go home beat his girlfriend, and leave his house and just call someone a fag. He could just do that and get away with it. It was Mississippi in the 1960s. This is about perspective. He simply cannot have the same perspective of a Black person who was living it daily, ya know?

And that’s a major problem that we’re having in America nowadays. People who are not apart of certain groups or minorities decide that they can talk about the situation that concerns those groups or minorities, as if they know what they are talking about. Some people like to bring up the fact that Black people voted for Obama, like, by far, like the majority of Blacks did. And you know what? They’re right; we did. A lot of us was thinking, “Man it would be awesome if we could have someone in the White House that was that brilliant and that well spoken, who actually could see things from our perspective for the like the first time ever.”

Listen, I don’t think that everyone who says that they don’t see racial injustice in America is lying. I don’t think they are actually really lying. I think that some of them are being really willfully ignorant. For example, White straight dudes who talk about desegregation in the 1960s and how cool it was, you know? It was 1960s Mississippi! What the f–

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  1. JP Says:

    hahaha what a great video =D

  2. modest-goddess Says:

    There are similar stories about the Little Rock 9. They went back on the anniversary of the school being desegregated and interviewed former students. All the white students talked about how kind they were and how well they got along with the 9 black students. All the black students talked about being physically abused and terrorized every day, about suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and being in therapy. I’m not giving the white people in this situation the benefit of a doubt. I’m calling them liars. There is video footage of them terrorizing those 9 black kids yet they talk this revisionist history bs.

  3. fred Says:

    modest goddess writes, “I’m not giving the white people in this situation the benefit of a doubt. I’m calling them liars.”

    I went to a majority black school and a lot of the blacks were @$$holes. Should I give blacks the benefit of the doubt?

  4. Maysie Says:

    Restructure, thank you. I had never heard of this amazing man, Elon James White.

    fred, do you know what systemic racism is? It’s never been white people who suffer from it, but who benefit from it.

  5. Jayn Says:

    I went to a majority white school and a lot of the whites were @$$holes. What’s your point?

  6. joseph Says:


    “I went to a majority black school and a lot of the blacks were @$$holes. Should I give blacks the benefit of the doubt?

    So Fred…did Black guys beat the crap out of you or spit on your person…or did your PRIVILEGE being a White boy protect and insulate from their assault…ie. you were confident that if they so much as touched you, you would be protected by other whites in solidarity; you could call the principal who would believe your side of the story; or call the police who could have them arrested….?


    I too attended predominately White elementary and high schools in the 1970s and 1980s where the majority of Whites were also axxhxles. Remember, there were even less children of colour in the Canadian educational system then….It was was not unusual to be the only Black kid in the class with maybe one other Asian minority. In high school, I was the only Black student graduating from grade 13 in 1984—that particular year…others left after grade 12 or were younger than me….

    Believe me those school experiences left some deep psychic scars and demons that in my late 40’s I have not completely exorcized…they always lurk around the corner….

    Worse, when the abuse and trauma were happening the White teachers and principals did nothing to intervene. Their advice to Black kid fighting racist taunts and physical bullying was to “ignore it”, “turn the other cheek”… I “don’t see race”—I don’t care if you are pink, green, or polkadot was the form of reassurance they gave to you as a student of colour….

    remember sticks and stones…”? And that’s exactly what the White kids got—they got some sticks and stones while I had to develop some speedy running and dodging skills…running for dear life as a gang chased me down the street screaming Nxggxr, Nxggxr—go back to fxcking jungle, Africa, etc.

    Whites can never COMPREHEND the PAIN AND VISCERAL RAGE of being ganged up on and spat at by racist White children…many of them from ethnic European groups I will not name….

    The pent up rage of it once led me to spit in racist White woman’s face to show my contempt of her and racist behaviours..I am confessing but not condoning my actions here… just to illustrate how childhood rage/trauma can manifest itself later on in life….

    For these kinds of reasons, I would never attend a high-school reunion where the racism and exclusion became rhetorical than physical.. Nobody from this period in my life could engage me about the “good ole school daz”….I am sure their perception and memories would vastly differ from mine with a lot of amnesia and selective events. That said, who needs to re-visit the site of racist trauma from the White student body AND many of the teachers who did nothing to intervene on your suffering….I have little or no fond memories of the Whites I went to school with….

  7. fred Says:

    Maysie writes, “fred, do you know what systemic racism is? It’s never been white people who suffer from it, but who benefit from it.”

    That’s your opinion. In my opinion, affirmative action is systemic racism.

    Jayn writes, “I went to a majority white school and a lot of the whites were @$$holes. What’s your point?”

    My point was that @$$holes come in all colors. Perhaps you should be less racist in how you percieve of racism?



    It has been my experience that people who have been through experiences as traumatic as you’ve described usually don’t parade them around like you do. They tend to keep them to themselves. And they certainly wouldn’t denigrate someone else who had been through similar experiences.

  8. Sandy Says:


  9. africanblackmilitant Says:

    Do you know what hurts us black people ? It’s that we think that that white people are like us. We think that white people have the same heart as us.

    Remember what Malcolm X said

    “If you find a good white person, kill them first, before they turn bad”

  10. Restructure! Says:

    Malcolm X said that? When I googled that phrase, there are no results.

  11. d vesey Says:


    You should read Abagond, where abm is peddling the same crap, getting called out on it by the blog owner, and not responding–just like here.

    Methinks you oughta ban this trolling jerk.

  12. Restructure! Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I like how Abagond also pointed out, ‘Using “they” as an indefinite third person singular pronoun was not common till after the 1970s, long after he was dead.’

    I’m still thinking about the ethics of comment moderation, but yeah, for some reason I imagine that ‘africanblackmilitant’ is actually a white supremacist troll who has never read Malcolm X.

  13. d vesey Says:

    for some reason I imagine that ‘africanblackmilitant’ is actually a white supremacist troll who has never read Malcolm X.

    LOL–I was thinking the same thing!

  14. fred Says:

    If “africanblackmilitant” is a poser then they’re an awful good one because they’re not saying anything I haven’t heard plenty of other blacks say. In fact, they’re not saying anything I haven’t heard you guys say. You just don’t like to say it as crudely as he does. And so you find it convenient to dismiss him as a troll.

  15. Restructure! Says:

    ‘africanblackmilitant’ seems like a racist white person posing as a black person, because abm embodies what white people like fred think of black people and “reverse racism”.

  16. fred Says:

    africanblackmilitant’ seems like a racist white person posing as a black person

    Maybe. But I’ve heard plenty of blacks say the same things he does. You should probably call him a “poser” and ban him. Having someone around saying the things you say only more crudely can’t be good for business.

  17. Sam Says:

    “africanblackmilitant’ seems like a racist white person posing as a black person”

    Maybe. Who needs to misquote Malcolm X, anyway? One need only accurately quote that paragon of the New Black Pampers, King Samir Shabazz, who was caught on tape declaring his hatred of all white people, “every last one of them”, and his desire to kill white babies. By the way, doesn’t that qualify as hate speech? Oh well, Eric Holder refuses to prosecute him and his Black Pamper buddy for their blatant voter intimidation. Why should we expect anything done about Shabazz’s extreme racist hate speech? Looks like systemic black priviledge to me.

  18. africanblackmilitant Says:

    Any blog I go onto the first attack is usally HE IS A TROLL …he is white man trying to make black people look bad…it’s usually said by whites for I have long realised that the egos of most whites are so bloated that they cannot conceive of a black man rejecting or hating them

  19. Sam Says:

    africanblackmilitant, fred is right. You don’t hide your hatred in a great load of pseudointellectual rubbish so the “enlightened ones” don’t want to acknowledge that you exist. They don’t want to acknowledge that they are like you, either.
    If you want to have your open hatred applauded, google “black nationalism” and try one of those sites. They’ll love you.

  20. neversilent619 Says:

    now ive been raised in an highly racist town. but unlike most the prejudice is from Both sides.
    now being who i am im am disrespected and ‘frowned’ upon on a daily basis.
    now our town has been segregated like some against the civil right movement. but to lessen the tension the people in this city like to ignore the fact.
    we have two large public highschools in my town.
    one with 68% ‘whites’ and 32% ‘blacks
    while the other has 76% ‘blacks’ and 24% ‘whites’.
    now i attend the first.
    and i am a ‘white’ female. the constant racism i was talking about earlier, well that is due to the crowd of ‘blacks’ i surround myself around.
    this racism is from ‘my kind’ who were raised to believe that integration is a sin.
    have you notice my nice little quotes throughout?.
    well that is because, last time i checked, i am tan. a fairly nice tan at that. my eyes might be white and my teeth might be white. but i am a tan indivdual.
    and as for my fellow friends?. they are not black.
    more like a nice brown. some darker, some lighter.
    but isn’t that the same with All ‘races’ ?..
    and they aren’t ‘african american’ either. all are true americans. cause when you go way back, we are All considered imigrants.
    and for my absoulte favorite word, ‘my kind’ when asked to descripe what i see when referred to ‘my kind’ all i can see is pale faced, ignorant, racist pigs.
    yes the racism runs on both sides.
    but can people not see that me and my friends are happy. and if color is an issue, well call me color blind(:

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