Statistics of Women of Colour Profiles at OkCupid

OkCupid statistically analyzed the profiles of their users and found the phrases that made each racial group distinct:

We selected 526,000 OkCupid users at random and divided them into groups by their (self-stated) race. We then took all these people’s profile essays (280 million words in total!) and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group’s essays statistically distinct from the others’.

There is a lot of data at the link, but here are the phrases that make groups of women of colour—Asian women, Pacific Islander women, Indian women, Middle Eastern women, Black women, Latina women—distinct. (For some reason, all female groups except for White women and Indian women really like Alicia Keys.)

Asian women: coz

coz, chocolates, i'm a simple girl, a foodie, surfing the net, love story, alicia keys, serendipity, asian food, romantic comedy, different places, the xx, tuesday's with morrie, the time traveler's wife, bossa nova, sashimi, jolly, different cultures, china, music, jason mraz, noodle, food network, cheerful, good heart, trying out new things, petite, mom's, michael buble, my cellphone, r & b, my passport, malcolm gladwell, u are, norah jones, anthony bourdain, a walk to remember, gossip girl, pls, badminton, slumdog millionaire, pop rock, food, new recipes, asian, cooking and baking, sleepless in seattle, lip balm, pho, cookbooks

Pacific Islander women: alicia keys

alicia keys, hula, my girlfriends, kickboxing, michael buble, venice, mitch albom, nick and norah's infinite playlist, trader joe's, serendipity, mascara, the kooks, warmer, sweetness, quick-witted, fashionable, bargain, romantic comedy, strong, celebrating, rollerblading, food network, norah jones, gossip girl, guam, health care, islands, audrey hepburn, polynesian, usc, furthering, rack, gymnastics, nicholas sparks, sleepless in seattle, virgo, dancing, my passport, a tribe called quest, drinks, medical field, chivalry, swim, having dinner, lip balm, home cooking, roadtrips, the lakers, skydiving, new zealand

Indian women: bhangra

bhangra, the namesake, shantaram, a thousand splendid suns, bollywood, residency, the kite runner, jhumpa lahiri, interpreter, indian food, my passport, my couch, thai food, slumdog millionaire, i heart, a foodie, spices, monsoon wedding, bridget jones, vegetarian, frnds, new yorker, my parents, neighborhoods, social justice, different cultures, physician, soca, when harry met sally, be silly, norah jones, paradiso, anna karenina, tapas, funny, the alchemist, dance floor, my mom's, exotic destinations, the unbearable lightness of being, discovering new things, gandhi, dark chocolate, analyst, jane austen, coffee, vivacious, great conversation, salman rushdie, god of small things

Middle Eastern women: different cultures

different cultures, petite, my friends, scarves, the kite runner, cat power, big eyes, new wave, vogue, nina simone, the unbearable lightness of being, baudelaire, sexier, alicia keys, bagels, manu chao, impromptu, fireplace, eat pray love, elizabeth gilbert, hairstylist, coffee, chocolate, injustice, a thousand splendid suns, girlfriends, innocence, persepolis, jewish, aesthetics, i love nature, grape leaves, strong, darjeeling, M.F.A., egypt, exhibit, tolstoy, archery, buddhism, curly hair, damien rice, political science, quirky, when harry met sally, memoirs of a geisha, self-help, sensitive, brooklyn, billie holiday

Black women: soul food

soul food, the color purple, god-fearing, gospel, alicia keys, neo soul, lip gloss, the coldest winter ever, zane, the lord, soca, my god, tyler perry, the bluest eye, god's plan, african, musiq, hip-hop, r & b, maya angelou, my church, coming to america, maxwell, bible, jamaican, basketball, luther vandross, sexy, christ, india arie, god and family, trey songz, my man, pretty woman, god's love, self-help, justin timberlake, church, shopping, romance novels, i attend, soft rock, in nursing, singing and dancing, writing poetry, to church, faith in god, very down, law & order, blessings

Latina women: merengue

merengue, familia, bachata, hola, salsa, amor, isabel allende, juanes, encanta, musica, i love dancing, latin, amores perros, amigos, spanish, vida, reggaeto, nmascara, sixteen candles, my girlfriends, education, lip gloss, yankees, my hair, 100 years of solitude, alicia keys, different cultures, hair, espanol, twilight saga, my lips, medical field, my B.A., family-oriented, english and spanish, movie night, very independent, mom's, curly hair, caring and loving, positive person, i'm terrified of, go dancing, pretty woman, seafood, scary movies, italian food, social worker, comedy, down-to-earth girl

Link: The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’ at OkCupid

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