Non-white travellers’ Canadian citizenships angers White Canadians.

The perpetual foreigner stereotype strikes again. If you are Canadian and died while travelling abroad, being White instead of Asian will protect you from the anger of Canadians. These Canadians will not be angry about you dying, but they will be angry that you were legally Canadian. Here are some better CBC comments responding to the racism, via Chinese in Vancouver:

I bet if the victims in question were white Canadians, we wouldn’t hear so much as a single blip from those loudly croaking about “Canadians of convenience”.

Why is it SOOOOO hard to believe that Chinese Canadians, might well have traveled during the summer holiday to Hong Kong to visit friends and relatives and then go over to Manila (a short 2 hour hop from Hong Kong) for a simple bus tour???

All the comments about “handing out” passports and Chinese Canadians should “stay in the country” are insane and touch on blatant racism!!!

Should Canadians of European descent also be restricted from traveling?

There was an article about those two Canadians getting killed on a tour bus just like this one (albeit through an accident and in Switzerland instead). You can still find it by googling it.

No comments appeared on that article about “Canadians of convenience.” In fact, one of the top comments (with over 300+ agreements, and very few disagreements) was by someone saying that they were a “Canadian living in Switzerland.”

Even though there are “Canadians” who would admit to having a Canadian passport and living in an European country (ie, UK, France, Switzerland)… the comments about “Canadians of convenience” only come up when the story involves a NON-European country.

Some people will try to say that we shouldn’t pull out the “racism card.” But I think it’s pretty clear that racism is a strong factor behind these comments considering the amount of hypocrisy on stories that are about Europeans versus non-Europeans.

I just love how CBC decided to call them “Canadian passport holders” rather than JUST Canadians. Are there non-Canadian Canadian passport holders? Does the government issue passports to non-citizens? No. So they are just Canadians.

CBC is framing their stories with more and more bias these days. Anyone who has ever studied marketing can tell you that these are done on purpose to pursue an agenda. Even CNN would have exercise such bias. I’m switching over to CTV.

Link: Canadians killed in Philippine tour bus carnage — and the anti-Chinese comments

Here are some comments on the CBC update, Manila hostage victim Leung has surgery:

Are all you mouth breathers that were spewing vitriol about him being a Canadian of convenience satisfied now? I just know that if he was white and his last name was Jones or Smith, NO ONE would have questioned it. Get well soon, my fellow CANADIAN. As for the posters on the previous stories…you make me wonder what the hell is happening to my Canada, where the first reaction people have to a person being seriously hurt and his family killed overseas is if they are real Canadians or not.

Jasen’s medical expenses including the Air ambulance are all paid by the HK government. They did not have ask for it and it is provide to them without any question asked. I hope some of those “real Canadian” are happy now.

HK did pick up the tab without asking and also noted that Jason is a born Canadian and HK is just a place of residency for him. No different that other Canadians that have choosen to live in HK and in fact the popular western style bar district is started by another Canadian. They are all true Canadian but HK gov’t extend and help them as if they were all HK born residence. It’s all about human being human without borders without politics to help when one needs help.

7 Responses to “Non-white travellers’ Canadian citizenships angers White Canadians.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    white cdns are the true canadians.
    just as the cdn mens hockey team is more glamorous,bigger news
    and more canadian, than say our joke of a national basketball team. oh i forgot our best white basketball player is not there!

  2. Lisa Harney Says:

    I … what?

    This kind of thing is really disturbing. I mean, in the US the shift is more and more this kind of thing (even though it’s always been present) and people of color become increasingly characterized as outsiders and tourists, and not as real citizens (immigrants or otherwise).

    This supports your post about white people lacking empathy for brown people. What else can explain a response like this to a tragedy like that?

  3. Restructure! Says:

    Lisa Harney,

    I think that U.S. is already like that when it comes to Latinos and Asians, and to a lesser extent, African Americans. Many White Americans believe that Obama isn’t really American, doesn’t really have American citizenship, for example.

  4. Ike Says:

    And I thought Canadians were nice… Might have to readjust my stereotypes. >.<

  5. Jha Says:

    Damn this is just… ugh. I don’t even know what to say. I keep wondering whether or not to apply for permanent residency in Canada, and stuff like this makes me think twice. I deal with shit like this enough in my homeland, do I really want to deal with it in my adopted country too?

  6. coefficient Says:

    racism is everywhere, and toronto is no exception. in 2003 my family was quarantined for SARS based on their participation in a prayer group largely populated by philippine immigrants where one member came down with the disease. this is not unique, the amount of anti-asian racism in the city -skyrocketed- that year, with slurs being hurled in the streets, entire populations in schools being handed quarantine orders and plenty of ‘go home X’ and vandalism being bandied about. even in normal times all the regular stereotypes persist: the yellow fever, the emasculated man, the ‘you can’t be from around here’ mentality, and for groups like filipinos and cambodians there’s criminalization and harassment by police. and that’s just for one (rather broad!) ethnic group in a city with dozens of them.

    then again don’t let me talk down toronto too much. you’ll get that crap anywere, but in toronto you’re at least not living in -hamilton- or something :P and it’s an open secret on parliament hill that half to three-quarters of reactionary comments on the big media outlets in canada is astroturf by junior CPC staffers. they come in, make their coffee, troll liberals on the CBC for half an hour and then go to their real job.

    (since perspective matters, for full disclosure i’m biracial filipino-white, and identify as white because that’s the way i look)

  7. On belonging and identity « the pearl was there. Says:

    […] passport, my accent, aren’t good enough to authenticate me?  Despite reading a vast amount of literature on the topic prior to coming here, it’s still irritating and I still don’t […]

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