Toronto Fail (Link Round-up): Shame, Not Pride, Toronto.

Here is a link round-up of some bad news in Toronto.

  • An Everyday Epic Battle: Pride Toronto, Blackness Yes, Israeli Apartheid and Sticking Together by Thea Lim (June 23, 2010):

    Long story short: Pride Toronto, which is an internationally famous week-long celebration of queer and trans pride, has made conscious or unconscious attempts to curtail the wholehearted participation of queer and trans folks of colour and their allies in Pride. They have attempted to relocate and shrink black-identified spaces, and they [had] banned [Queers Against Israeli Apartheid] from participation in Pride 2010.

  • Photos and Videos of Police Brutality June 26 and 27 2010 by Maysie (June 27, 2010):

    (In this video, G20 protesters finish singing the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada”, and immediately after, a line of riot police charge at them.)

  • The 20th anniversary of Oka and the continuation of unearthing human rights at the G8/G20 by Jessica Yee (June 29, 2010):

    Video after video, photo after photo, story after story came pouring in this weekend telling us about another friend or another relative who had been unlawfully arrested, beaten, spit on, psychologically, physically, and emotionally abused and relentlessly harassed by the police in Toronto.

6 Responses to “Toronto Fail (Link Round-up): Shame, Not Pride, Toronto.”

  1. Robin Says:

    Don’t forget the awesome part about our [assuming you’re in TO too] chief of police lying to us* and pretending he had powers he didn’t actually have**, and then grinning about it while he admitted the lie on Monday.

    * Apparently the average cop on the ground didn’t know the truth either. I have several friends who have cops in their family and they said the cops are really upset that they were misled. It sounds like this was the high-up cops being manipulative and the lower-level cops doing their job according to what they had been told their job was, and now the floor’s been yanked out from underneath them.

    ** The whole ID-within-five-meters thing.

  2. fred Says:

    The G8/20 summits are just meetings where countries discuss and cooperate in dealing with various issues such as: health, law enforcement, labor, economic and social development, energy, environment, foreign affairs, justice and interior, terrorism, and trade.

    So any group with a gripe having anything to do with any of these issues uses the summits as an opportunity to garner publicity and cause trouble. The general strategy is to scapegoat others for their problems so as to bully them into supporting their bullshit. Kind of like what you do with this blog. I so hope you were out there protesting and got smacked by a cop for running your mouth.

  3. goaler Says:

    There is only 1 parade that is issue free in toronto.
    Only one parade that at anytime does not break the law!
    Only one parade were anyone can go without predjudice!
    No shootings, no sex in the open. no disgrace!
    That is the White Santa Claus Parade!
    St. patricks day parade gets a close second!
    The others should be outlawed now!

  4. Robin Says:

    No sex in the open? :( Well, you just lost my interest. Although it’s probably a good thing, because Santa and the reindeer gettin’ busy would just be disturbing.

  5. goaler Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    wonder if there was any shootings in downtown toronto today!
    the odds have gone up drastically.
    at least we dont have an asian parade yet!
    those asian mane fuckers are hard to look at!

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