Women of colour earn 53 cents for every white man’s dollar.

Race, gender remain workplace barriers in Ontario, Census data reveal – Employment equity programs needed to level workplace playing field for visible minorities (Toronto Star):

A new report based on 2005 Census data being released [June 3, 2010], shows that visible minorities in Ontario are far more likely to live in poverty, have trouble finding a job and earn less in the workplace.

Sexism and racial discrimination “pack a double wallop,” for visible minority women who earned 53.4 cents for every dollar a white man earned, said economist Sheila Block who wrote the report for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

“The Census data reveals that in 2005, at the height of pre-recession economic prosperity, women from racialized backgrounds working in Ontario faced real barriers to success,” she said. “They earned about half as much as non-racialized men.


When she factored out age, education and immigration status, Block found:

• Workers from visible minority groups faced unemployment rates of 8.7 per cent compared to 5.8 per cent for all Ontario workers.

• Visible minority workers were paid 77.5 cents for every dollar a white worker earned.

• Visible minority families were three times more likely to live in poverty, with poverty rates of 18.7 per cent, compared to 6 per cent for white families.

Another way to look at it is that white men earn $1.87 for every $1.00 earned by a woman of colour, or about 87% more for being white and male. When controlling for age, education, and immigration status, white people earn $1.29 for every $1.00 earned by a person of colour, or about 29% more for being white.

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15 Responses to “Women of colour earn 53 cents for every white man’s dollar.”

  1. Not From Toronto Says:

    Interesting…you’re assuming that the jobs people do are worth the same amount of monetary compensation, and are in the same locations (yes, location does indeed make a large difference – a job in Toronto might pay $12/hr, whereas a job further North, where fewer people are willing to locate, may have to dramatically increase the pay in order to increase interest in the positions needed to be filled).

  2. fred Says:

    Table 3 of that study shows the average income for chinese, japanese and white canadians is 56K, 36K and 41K respectively. Whites only earn $5K more than Chinese. But Japanese earn $15K more than whites!!! Since Japanese in Canada earn the most perhaps we should be talking about Japanese Privilege eh? Because any difference in income just ~has~ to be discrimination. It just has to be, right?

  3. Restructure! Says:

    This is the study: The Role of Race and Gender in Ontario’s Racialized Income Gap

    Table 3 only shows racialized versus non-racialized. I don’t know what Table 3 you’re referring to.

  4. fred Says:

    My bad. Table 6 shows the breakdown by ethnic group. Japanese have the highest earnings. Japanese men make almost 50% more than white men. Your whole thesis is that whites discriminate against minorities. So you think whites discriminate against everyone except Japanese whom they actually prefer over themselves?

  5. fred Says:


    You say white canadians discriminate against everyone else. But in canada whites don’t make the most money. Japanese make a lot more than whites. If whites discriminate against everyone else then how can this be?

    Page 8. Table 6.

  6. Restructure! Says:

    In Ontario, Japanese (Canadians) are the smallest visible minority group, so perhaps a few high-earning individuals could skew the data. I’m not sure. However, in all other measures, Japanese (Canadians) have it worse, so is it that whites discriminate against POC in all other areas except for earnings? What is your explanation? That some visible minority work harder than others?

  7. fred Says:

    What is your explanation? That some visible minority work harder than others?

    Certainly not. That would be racist. This is a clear case of Japanese privilege. That’s the only politically correct explanation.

  8. Restructure! Says:

    So for every other measure, it’s a clear case of white privilege, right?

  9. fred Says:

    Why don’t you tell me? Does any difference in average earnings necessarily result from discrimination? That seems to be the argument you made regarding whites. I’m just extending that argument to other groups. Chinese tend to earn fairly well also. Much more than most other groups. Is that a clear case of chinese privilege?

  10. Restructure! Says:

    As a whole, Chinese people have light-skin privilege relative to other groups (although skin tones can vary at the individual level).

  11. fred Says:

    Wow. Japanese must really be light then. I didn’t realize there were so many albino Japanese in Canada.

    But seriously, how can you say “light skin” privilege when so many businesses are outsourcing and hiring illegals? When it comes to socializing people prefer their own. But when it comes to business all people care about is money.

    Or maybe you think there’s some “black skin” privilege going on in sports? Does that even make sense? That society would discriminate against “dark skin” in hiring but discriminate against everyone else in sports?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    east indian males are the lazyest mother fuckers around!
    they let their women do all the work.
    just come into this country to take and pillege.
    have really no value to this country!
    we should just let their ladies in!

  13. Tired Says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to see the pitiful posts here that are sooo defensive about the existence of white racism. As a white person, I “get to” hear some “interesting” things that white people think it’s ok to say around me because I’m white.
    Systemic racism against non-whites exists, fred. You’re not really concerned about the rigor of the statistics and claims. Get over it and do something a little more productive with your time.
    And now so will I.

  14. fred Says:

    Tired writes, “As a white person, I “get to” hear some “interesting” things that white people think it’s ok to say around me because I’m white.”

    The logic in that statement is correct as far as it goes. But it failes to consider the corrollary. For example, you assume that your “whiteness” makes you privy to what whites say about others. But you fail to consider that it excludes you from hearing what others may say about whites as well as other nonwhite groups. Having grown up in a majority black city attending majority black schools I’ve probably had more exposure to what blacks say than any non black you know. And I can assure you that what whites say is mild compared to what blacks say. If I told you the things I’ve heard you wouldn’t even believe me. I wouldn’t even believe it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears. For years. And I still probably haven’t even heard the worst of it! Now, I can’t say that all groups talk shit about others. Or that they all do it to the same extent. Mainly because I haven’t been around other groups as much. But I’d imagine that most do. And I think its very foolish for you to assume otherwise.

    Systemic racism against non-whites exists, fred.

    Systemic racism? You mean like affirmative action and stuff?

    You’re not really concerned about the rigor of the statistics and claims.

    Actually, I am. Nothing makes me happier than a hardcore discussion of statistics. And would you care to know why? Because the stats support my position. In fact, I think that’s why so many holding your views are so reluctant to discuss statistics. Because when it comes right down to it, the stats don’t say what you claim they do.

  15. White Canadians earn more, because they have white privilege in Canada. « Restructure! Says:

    […] Women of colour earn 53 cents for every white man’s dollar. by Restructure! […]

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