Meta-Restructure: Top Five Most “Interesting” Posts + Delurking

Here are the top five most “interesting” posts on this blog for the past year or so, determined by some crude statistical ranking.

  1. Libertarianism is rational for rich white people only. (July 14, 2009)
  2. People of colour are not a story of suffering . . . Or resistance. (October 29, 2009)
  3. Feynman called a woman “worse than a whore” for not exchanging sex for sandwiches. (August 7, 2009)
  4. Male IT geeks think they are “low status” males. (February 1, 2010)
  5. White, male startup companies get funding for being white and male. (February 10, 2010)

(Rand Paul and libertarianism have been criticized on some anti-racist/race blogs recently, so this post is really an excuse to bring attention to the first item and re-emphasize the fact that libertarianism is internally inconsistent (and white) before and beyond Rand Paul.)

This is also an invitation for readers who do not normally comment to delurk and introduce yourselves in any way you want. How did you find this blog? Where are you located? What do you like/dislike about this blog? You can answer any or all of these questions. Regular commenters can comment too.

12 Responses to “Meta-Restructure: Top Five Most “Interesting” Posts + Delurking”

  1. Bonny Guang Says:

    Hey. I’ve made one or two comments before, so I’m not a complete lurker, but I tend not to have things to say that other people haven’t already said, or not have the time. I hail from the Boston area, but I go to school in the LA area right now.

    I found this bog a little more than a year ago, and I really enjoyed it because the arguments were delineated very clearly. For example, with the libertarian article, the difference between normative and descriptive statements was made clear. What I dislike: sometimes the blog sounds very preachy. I don’t remember any first-person narrative stories, with the resulting effect that the articles seem to generalize groups of people, who probably do not all agree.

    So, yep, that’s my de-lurking comment I guess.

  2. LaDonna Says:

    Hello, I mostly rate post but I have commented on some of the sexism or racism posts. I’m a Black American in the mid-west.

  3. TierListE Says:

    I’ve like commented here one, maybe two times, but I come here often. I’m a black woman from NC.

    I’ve found your site twice; the first time by clicking on your name when commenting on Racialicious like forever ago, then awhile later I found your link off of Womanist Musings.

    I like the difference perspectives this site has given me. There are many topics about race, gender, and tech, that I’ve haven’t thought about beforehand.

  4. au napptural Says:

    Well, I’m not really a lurker, I comment from time to time, but I have to save my energy for arguing in class…nothing like that PWI experience in America. I’ also a black woman, and I agree with much of what you say here. I think I’ll be the first to say this but my only issue with the site is that it doesn’t go far enough. I do love to discuss the problems we face as POC, and while the site is great activist work, I want there to be a mechanism whereby which we can unite against our common oppressors.

  5. Restructure! Says:


    What I dislike: sometimes the blog sounds very preachy. I don’t remember any first-person narrative stories, with the resulting effect that the articles seem to generalize groups of people, who probably do not all agree.

    Do you mean white people, PoC, or both?

  6. Pazi Says:

    I don’t think I’ve commented before. I’m a white, disabled, queer, autistic trans woman with an interest in intersectionality, a sense of duty to be a good ally to my POC friends and loved ones (in a “helpful and supportive” way, not a paternalistic liberator one), and a particular interest in how oppression plays out in IT, academic and scientific spaces.

  7. CryinLion Says:

    Long-time-lurker, one-time commenter who originally stumbled across Restructure! while doing research on Canadian identity and postcolonial race politics for my M.A. I’m a white man in Texas who teaches college English. Since my freshman comp class is geared on discussions about race, privilege, and political discourse, I frequently use this blog (in conjunction with other progressive voices on the web) to provoke my students (mostly white, conservative, Southern suburbanites) into questioning their assumptions.

    I also come here as a student, trying to understand how I can *best* serve to witness to, and help dismantle, systemic forms of oppression. I’m especially wary of a lot of traps Macon over at Stuff White People Do has described: narcissistically seeking a pat on the head for being an “enlightened, “race-aware white liberal”, attaching authenticity to otherness and fetishizing it (Avatar, anybody?), and not calling out my friends/colleagues/family when they “ironically” repeat racist tropes. So mostly I’m here to listen.

    And, when I feel like I want to throw up, I re-read the comments section in the libertarian post you linked.

  8. Katie Says:

    I’m a mixed race Asian woman in DC. I like your blog a lot! I am consistently in awe of your calm, collected responses to the never-ending trolls.

  9. cycads Says:


    I’m an on and off lurker round these parts. Your stuff on debunking science is great. This is my first comment here.

    Your libertarian post is great. As someone interested in anti-racist feminism, it was just what I needed to read when I keep arguing with self-proclaimed progressive and yes, ‘libertarians’ and not understanding why I can’t gel with them.

  10. Ike Says:

    Ohai. At first, I didn’t clearly read the post, and I was confused about why people were posting comments along the lines of “I’m a from who reads this blog because .”
    Anyway, I liked a few of your comments on Racialicious, so I followed them over to your blog, which has been very interesting but occasionally a bit too science-y for me. Yeah, I just used “science-y”.
    I’m glad to see a fellow Texan interested in this blog – I’m guessing you teach at UT Austin, the gooey liberal center in a sea of red.

  11. Ike Says:

    Oh right. Angle brackets totally mess up on web pages. The quote should have read “I’m a {race} {gender} from {location} who reads this blog because {reason}.”

  12. Sandy Says:

    I found this blog this past Dec 2009 (I don’t remember how, though) and this is honestly one of the best anti-racist/anti-sexist/anti-oppressive blogs I have come across (and believe me, I scour the internet for blogs similar to this). I love how this blog throws the gaze off of PoC/women/other marginalized groups of people and instead re-directs it toward the oppressors, which I find is way more effective at challenging the system.

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