Where in Asia should they build an xkcd school?

A portion of the profits from xkcd: volume 0 will be donated to three literacy projects in Asia: building a School Room (pre-school); building a Reading Room (library); and funding a Local Language Publishing Program. The charity Room to Read is now polling the public to decide where in Asia these three projects should take place.

The School Room (pre-school) will be built in Sri Lanka, but the four regions to decide between are: Nuwara Eliya, Moneragala District, Mannar District, and Matale District.

The Reading Room will be built in either Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, or Nepal.

The Local Language Publishing Program will in either Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Cambodia.

How do you decide which locations to vote for? Are you connected to any of these regions?

The deadline is May 17th, 2010 at noon EST. Vote here: How Should We Donate $53,000 of xkcd Book Profits?

3 Responses to “Where in Asia should they build an xkcd school?”

  1. urbia Says:

    I’m not surprised Laos got a chunk of money. It’s become a trendy backpacking destination lately and a lot of people know about it, including myself.

  2. qwerty123 Says:

    Afghanistan. Build a girls school.

  3. Restructure! Says:

    For the School Room decision, I voted for Nuwara Eliya, because it has the highest population density of 400/km2. The second-highest population density is 70/km2, so it seems like many more people would benefit from the School Room in the high population density area. Additionally, they are ethnic minorities who face serious discrimination and are still reeling from genocide. It’s also the second-poorest region.

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