Male doctors are paid more than female doctors with the same experience and expertise.

Male doctors earn £15,000 a year more than women, study reveals (The Guardian):

There is an average salary gap of £15,245 between men and women among the UK’s 135,000 medics, according to a report by the British Medical Association. After excluding differences owing to age, experience and area of specialism, the study found that female consultants typically earn £5,500 less than their male peers and female junior doctors’ pay is around £2,000 below that of their male counterparts. The research, to be published on Friday, is the first to investigate differences in doctors’ salaries.

“Our results show that men and women with identical experience and expertise are paid differently – which suggests evidence of discrimination,” concludes the report, which has been funded by the BMA, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, Imperial College London and the Medical Women’s Federation.


2 Responses to “Male doctors are paid more than female doctors with the same experience and expertise.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    its simple, none of these studies know the male or females actual wages. In general the female and male subject make the same money per hour, but work less hours due to child care, housework, ect. Do not blame this on sexism you liberal bastards.

  2. Restructure! Says:

    If women are of the same age and experience as their male counterparts, then it means they worked the same number of hours. Even comparing apples to apples, men are paid more.

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