Men in IT are paid more than women in IT.

Women IT professionals earn 13% less than men IT professionals, according to BCS. In other words, men in IT are paid 15% more than women in IT.

Graph of gender pay gap in IT (United Kingdom). In 2008, male IT professionals earned £650, female IT professionals earned £550, and total IT professionals earned about £650.

(Note that the Y axis does not start at £0.)

(Via The F-Word via Geek Feminism Blog)

2 Responses to “Men in IT are paid more than women in IT.”

  1. Dan Says:

    This graph only shows income, so the resulting statement (women make less) has no context. More factors need to be included before the statement becomes relevant. For instance:

    – Are men more likely to be promoted?
    – Are men more likely to hold higher-paying positions in the field, or is the graph for the same job position?
    – Have men been working in IT for a longer time (more raises)?

  2. Restructure! Says:

    From the link:

    * Every year from 2001-2008, and across all age groups, female IT professionals have earned less than male IT professionals.

    * Female IT professionals earn 13% less than their male equivalents; this gap rises to 30% in 40-49 year olds – arguably the peak of most people’s careers.

    * It pays dividends for IT professionals and in particular for female IT professionals to hold as high a qualification as possible. The proportional increase in pay for a given level of qualification is higher for females compared to males.

    I don’t know about the other information, but there is also a study that shows the gender pay gap starts one year after graduation (even for men and women who studied the same fields).

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