Biology and math do not explain why there are few women in computer science.

Slideshow by Terri Oda:

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5 Responses to “Biology and math do not explain why there are few women in computer science.”

  1. thelady Says:

    thanks for sharing this

  2. Alston Adams Says:

    It is worth noting, even in this video, that the disparities disappear only when girls and women are taken seriously as full members of society. The correlation is so striking that it could be a key indicator of gender equality in a country.

  3. Woman of colour Says:

    Logic-based, complicated subjects require a lot of concentration. Concentration is broken during harassment.

    There was a questionable course syllabus that graded heavily on group-work and interpersonal dynamics actually affected the programming project more than the individual student’s coding ability in a game design course I attended. The white male professor totally overlooked how this would affect minority students in a class that was full of white males. Instead of learning about functions, I had to dodge sexist jokes and still somehow learn in that environment.

  4. Restructure! Says:

    I hate group work.

  5. Woman of colour Says:

    Especially group work forced upon people unnecessarily. I’m not necessarily against all forms of group work, but when you have a topic that can very well be learned on your own since it is rule-based, then program coordinators shouldn’t let outside variables interfere with the learning. I mean, give me a break.

    It’s just an example of covert racism and sexism managing to creep in and interfere in a situation that’s unique in the sense students can learn based on merit. It’s so unnecessary and just adds another barrier to learning.

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