This is why liberal Canada has a conservative Prime Minister.

Only 36% of Canadians would vote for the Conservative Party if a federal election was held the next day, according to an EKOS poll conducted in late September. The votes of the other 64% of Canadians are fractured among the centre-left Liberal Party and three left-wing parties: New Democratic Party (NDP), Green, and Bloc Québécois.

Federal vote intention. Q. If a federal election were held tomorrow, which party would you vote for? Conservative Party of Canada, 36.0. Liberal, 29.7. NDP, 13.9. Green, 10.5. Bloc Quebecois, 9.8.

The problem is our first-past-the-post or plurality voting system, in which the party that receives the most votes wins, regardless of not being the absolute majority.

An alternative voting principle is proportional representation, which is being advocated by Canadian groups for electoral reform, such as Electoral Reform Canada and Fair Vote Canada.

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