I Want You Back.

He had so much potential.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

8 Responses to “I Want You Back.”

  1. Americana Says:

    This is for Kandeezie and others comments on Racialicious and I think you all let her and them off wayyyyyyy too damn easy!! Was she and the rest of those bitchy a-holes so damn quick to say something when it was Woody Allen or Mary kay Letourneau or Bill Wyman or Roman Polanski?! And that’s ANOTHER thing why is it white people in the media can take ALL the damn potshots at us that they want yet when it’s them we have to hold our tongue WTF?!! I say BULLS##t! The Catholic church as well as certain Mormon groups[or cults] have been allowing perversion and abuse of children for the LONGEST of times without a peep from anyone. So if he was changing his face and look not to be ‘black’ anymore then I don’t blame him you all are whiny,wussy,gossipy,little punks!

  2. Restructure! Says:

    What are you talking about?

  3. Americana Says:

    I’m talking about your response to Kandeezie on Racialicious and I feel SHE got off easy because nobody called her out that white male celebrities get a ‘free pass’ all the damn time.

  4. Restructure! Says:

    Kandeezie is a person of colour, I think. Why didn’t you respond to her in the comment thread?

  5. Victor Says:

    are you saying he somehow failed to fulfill that potential?

  6. Americana Says:

    So she’s a person of color if anybody is quick to tear black people down is black people so her skin color doesn’t mean squat and the reason I didn’t is because my comments on Rcailaicious never go through. And Victor I don’t get your question.

  7. Restructure! Says:


    All right, but I wasn’t sure what you mean by “us” and “them”.


    MJ was extremely talented. At the time, I thought there was a chance he could make a comeback if he didn’t die, but I didn’t know how sick he was.

  8. Americana Says:

    I mean white people ‘them’ black people ‘us’.

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