Tamil Canadians chant, march, and block a Toronto highway in protest.

The video below was captured by a biker who was close to the demonstration. The protesters flew large, bright-red Tamil Eelam flags with some Canadian flags interspersed. Some of the protesters marched ahead with a banner that said, “SRI LANKA, STOP THE GENOCIDE”. Police stood by, and the chanting of the protesters alternated with the sound of the police siren. Later in the video, the protesters started running and shouting down the street with flags flying.

The video below shows the highway blockage of the protesters as seen from far away and amongst skyscrapers. The video pans from the red-flagged mass of protesters to the long, winding line of cars gleaming in the distance, and back.

(videos via The Simon Tonekham Statesman via AngryGayBlackCanadianman)

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7 Responses to “Tamil Canadians chant, march, and block a Toronto highway in protest.”

  1. Restructure! Says:

    I have trouble hearing the chant in the first video. The women sound like they are saying, “No more war! No more war!” but I can’t hear what the men are saying.

  2. Maysie Says:

    I was out of town when this happened and it gave me chills when I saw it on the news, to see the power of a group of people making a point, defying the rules and getting heard, at personal risk to themselves, just to raise awareness about a gross injustice that all who are interested in global justice need to pay attention to.

    The focus on the internet about the inconvenience of “traffic” has been, while not hugely surprising, revealing when it comes from white leftists who ask why didn’t the protestors seek out a permit and march in an orderly and safe fashion (sadly, I’m not making this up). My response is a rolleye and a “yeah, that’s what changes the world, getting permits and being orderly.”

  3. Restructure! Says:

    Well, those are the types of “protests” that most white leftists are used to, ones that accomplish nothing but let them go home feeling that they made a difference.

  4. Bill Gibbons Says:

    Once again another visible minority group get away with anti-social behaviour. Blocking a busy Toronto highway? And with infants in strollers! Imagine if this was a group of unemployed white people? They would have been arrested, charged, and have their kids removed by Child Services.

    If the Tamil “community’ are so concerned with the situation in Sri lanka, then go home and deal with it there.

  5. Restructure! Says:

    I remember during Frosh Week, our group of white-majority frosh students blocked a major downtown Toronto intersection because it was Frosh Week. There were probably more of us than those anti-Sri-Lanka-genocide protesters. Apparently, Frosh Week organizers did this every year for Frosh Week.

    One woman ran up to me and asked, “What are you protesting?”

    I replied, “Um … it’s Frosh Week.”

    Basically, we weren’t protesting anything, but we just wanted to flaunt our status as university undergraduates who had the privilege not to worry about going to work that day, and that we could do whatever we wanted, f*cking over people who had to get to work, and nobody could do anything about it.*

    Frosh Week is overwhelmingly white, because you have to have paid to live in the on-campus dorms, and you have to pay for the “Orientation Week” events.

    * I didn’t see the point of this, but I was forced to march through peer pressure and physical force.

  6. Mike Barber Says:

    ummmm, yeah… I’m going to go ahead and reserve the “anti-social behaviour” label for the cops.

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