Police threatened to charge aboriginal beating victim if he pressed charges.

In February, two security guards in Toronto allegedly beat an aboriginal man, sending him to the hospital with three broken ribs and a punctured lung. The security guards said, “You natives are nothing but trouble,” and said that natives were drunks and would never amount to anything.

When the victim, Cliff Hussin, wanted to lay criminal charges against the two security guards, the police told him that if he charged the security guards, the police would charge him as well. Hussin is on probation and out on bail from previous assault charges. As Hussin fears that he may land back in jail, he will likely not press charges against his assaulters.

Defence lawyers say it might not be fair but it’s not unusual for police to charge both sides of an assault case.

In other words, it is not unusual for the police to do something that isn’t fair.

There are a couple of interesting comments on the article. springbreaker wrote:

Drunks, Natives, immigrants, people of colour, the disabled, gays and trans-gendered and the homeless all deserve to be treated with the same respect and courtesy as any other sober, white, anglo-saxon, christian, employed Canadian bc in total they represent over 1/2 the population AND bc it is just the right thing to do. With the exception of Natives, we’re ALL immigrants here, and at one point or another we all suffered discrimination – that is the best reason of all to stop it – it was wrong then & it’s wrong now!

livelylady contrasts the police’s alleged tendency to charge both sides with the Keswick High School incident, in which only the victim of colour was charged:

Interesting that the police did not want to charge the security guards. Also interesting that the York Police were so quick to charge a youth of Korean descent who was a victim of racial slurs and physical assault while the white student was never charged.
Racism doesn’t just affect major issues but even small ones like going to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and having to wait until all of the white customers had been served. This did not happen just once, but four times. No accident at this particular location.

Note that livelylady is probably referring to the Sneaky White Person Maneuver.

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