Racism victim, Asian, must appear in court. Racist aggressor, white, not charged.

In Asian Teen in Keswick Fights Back Against Racist Bully, Maysie predicted:

And finally, here are my dumbass predictions of the future:

1. The white racist bully will not be criminally charged

2. The charges will not be dropped against the young man

York school board stands down, reinstates bullied student (Globe and Mail, May 4, 2009):

The 15-year-old will return to Keswick High School this morning with the suspension removed from his academic record and his upcoming expulsion hearing cancelled, the boy’s father said Monday.

The turnabout began Monday when the student and his parents were invited to a hastily convened reconciliation session with his antagonist and that boy’s parents. At that meeting, the white student apologized for directing a racial slur at the 15-year-old and for punching him in the mouth. The 15-year-old apologized for breaking his classmate’s nose.


The boy still faces a charge of assault causing bodily harm even though his opponent’s parents have twice called York Regional Police asking that the charges be dropped. Mr. Koven said once charges have been laid, however, it’s up to the Crown to determine whether to proceed or not, which probably won’t be decided until a first court appearance on May 13.

(Hat-tip to the person who DM’d me the Globe and Mail article on Twitter. I don’t know if this person wants to remain anonymous, since it was a DM.)

The police do not have the legal authority to drop charges, as they are not the judge, so it’s up to the Crown Attorney. However, Maysie’s first prediction has been fulfilled.

The white racist bully will not be charged because he apologized for the racist abuse and assault, while the Asian racism victim had to apologize for accidentally breaking the racist aggressor’s nose with his left hand in self-defence. Apparently, the school administrators believed that both students share the blame for the incident, and both must publicly apologize.

Other new blog posts about the Keswick incident:

(Note: About 300 students from Keswick High School protested against racism and bullying. Let us not forget the voices of the youth activists.)

Keswick High School students protest racism and bullying.

7 Responses to “Racism victim, Asian, must appear in court. Racist aggressor, white, not charged.”

  1. grandpa dinosaur Says:

    Goyahhh?! My quote sounds so monstrous when quoted. Good score for PDDP!

  2. Cleopatra Says:

    How the hell can they BOTH ‘share the blame’ if one person caused ALL the trouble in the first place?! That jackass should have gotten MORE than his nose broken for being a bullying creep yet they make it about race so of course the Asian boy was in the wrong unbeliveable.

  3. Maysie Says:

    While I’m very glad that the young man was able to return to class today, the issue of the criminal charges against him will not go away, I’m sure of it.

    The York Region school board, I’m guessing, had a lot of pressure put on them to just make this go away. The lack of process and transparency about this decision, as pleased as I am by it, gives me no hope that anyone has learned anything, to make any changes at the systemic level. Especially given how stunned all quoted officials have been about anti-racism in the schools, for students as well as teachers and administrators. The vice principle said they don’t need an anti-racist curriculum because that’s covered in the geography class. I mean, WTF?

    I daresay the cops have no such need to make this go away, and in fact, criminalizing young men of colour is right up their racist alley. Grrr.

  4. dan Says:

    They’d rather have superficial peace rather than actual justice. By blaming the victim too, they suppress them from doing something so it looks like everything is fine and dandy and harmonious on school grounds when problems are abound deeper in.

  5. unknown Says:

    wtf? that white boy should of gotten charged
    and the asian boy should of taken his balls and hang it on the top of the CT

  6. Ritu Raj Kalra Says:

    The fact that both are willing to apologize/apologize is a good sign as confrontation is uncalled for they go to school to educate themselves and not create a violent and abusive environment however the victim is not at fault in my opinion.

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