White people are not discriminated against by Carleton University students.

CUSA HOW DARE Y[...]Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) cancelled a school fundraiser for cystic fibrosis (“Shinerama”) after the student council said that the disease only affects “white people, and primarily men” (via Stuff White People Do).

A couple of days later, students signed a petition to impeach CUSA president Brittany Smyth, and science faculty representative Donnie Northrup, who drafted the motion. The impeachment petition gained over 360 signatures in under two hours.

On Monday night, the motion to cancel Shinerama was reversed by CUSA at an emergency meeting, due to student pressure.

According to The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, cystic fibrosis “affects both sexes with a similar frequency and is most common among Caucasians, including people of Middle Eastern and Indian descent.”

Although CUSA’s statement that cystic fibrosis affects only “white people, primarily men” is false, the sentiment that the motion discriminates against whites and males is also false. For example, many people assumed that CUSA “voted to not support a charity because they believed its victims were white males” (comment at CBC.ca with 227 recommendations), and that CUSA did not support research for cystic fibrosis. However, CUSA simply decided to discontinue its support of the campaign and resolved to “select a new broad reaching charity”.

That CUSA decided to discontinue its support of that particular campaign did not mean that CUSA was against research for cystic fibrosis and against helping white male victims. It could mean that CUSA wanted to switch to a charity that funded research for diseases including but not limited to cystic fibrosis. It could mean that CUSA wanted to fund research for diseases that affect both whites and non-whites, instead of just white people. To assume that CUSA was against research for cystic fibrosis and against white people is just a defensive reaction and an unreasonable interpretation of the motion.

Other than accusations of “blatant racism and sexism”, the argument of those who support keeping Shinerama is basically an Appeal to Tradition. If Carleton University was to start fresh and think of which charities are the most important, those who think cystic fibrosis is more important than other diseases would have to make an argument for it. For example, 1 in 20 Canadians over age 12 have heart disease, while only 1 in 3,600 Canadians are born with cystic fibrosis. If the purpose of charity is to help the most people, then there is little or no reason to focus on cystic fibrosis research exclusively.

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  1. Restructure! Says:

    Carleton student council reinstates cystic fibrosis fundraiser

    The student council at an Ottawa university has reversed its controversial decision to pull out of an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

    Following vocal protests from students, the Carleton University Students Association voted unanimously Monday night to:

    * Support next year’s cystic fibrosis fundraiser, called Shinerama.
    * Donate at least $1,000 to the organization.
    * Issue a formal apology.

    In addition, the student councillor who crafted the controversial motion to drop the fundraiser resigned.

    Donnie Northrup received hate mail and death threats after he suggested the council find a new charity to support during Orientation Week instead of participating in the same fundraiser as other universities across the country.

    His motion incorrectly claimed the disease affects “only white people, and primarily men” and said students should feel their fundraising efforts “will serve their diverse communities.”

    One other councillor, Sean Maguire, also resigned.

    “I love this university,” he said, sniffling, his voice choked with emotion. “And it pains me to no end to know that we have damaged its reputation.”

    Ariel Kimmel, a second-year political science student at Carleton, said the student council embarrassed the whole university.

    “I really hope there’s lessons learned — that they do need to start representing their students better,” she said.

    Meanwhile, a group on campus has submitted a petition signed by 1,000 students calling for the student association president, Brittany Smyth, to be impeached over the incident, which they are calling “Shinerama-gate.”


    (emphasis mine)

  2. Neil Says:

    Well see seems to me they do

  3. Carlton students Says:

    Brittany Smyth is a cunt! Period.

  4. Ethan Says:

    I can’t even believe this article is out there somewhere, and people are reading them now. This is sexist and racist, no doubt. Sorry to burst their bubble, but according to this Childwiki article, indeed, almost 1 out of 3600 Caucasian infants are born with this condition. However there are still risks because 1 out of 17000 African-Americans babies also have this disease.
    I hope I can highlight the words “babies” and “infants” enough. People can be so unfair sometimes.

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