3 Responses to “What Your Web Branding Suggests About Your Politics”

  1. macon d Says:

    Great, careful analysis, as usual! In fact, there’s little I can think of to add.

    Your own site’s name is good, I think. It’s thought-provoking. The subtitle, though . . . could it be a bit more about the name, i.e., could it say something more in terms of “structure”? I can suss out that structures are what need restructuring in order to make our assumptions about reality more correct . . . is it elitist or something of me to suspect that not many other readers would put it all together that way? I may, of course, be putting it together in a way different from what you intended.

  2. Restructure! Says:

    I’m glad that you see one of the meanings of ‘restructure’ that I’m thinking of, I think. There are actually three meanings, three connotations, and I think you got one of them. What it means to me may be somewhat idiosyncratic and complex, but I should probably spend some time writing up the meaning of ‘restructure’ in the ‘About’ section or maybe make a ‘FAQ’ page.

    I like the name of my blog and subdomain because the word ‘restructure’ is meaningful to me, meaning different things but which kinda hold together. “Your assumptions about reality are incorrect,” is imperfect to me as well, but now I changed my blog theme and the subtitle went away.

    Also, I started another blog recently called Double Consciousness Debates. I think it’s full of crap, that type of dialogue, but I guess that’s the whole point, to get the junk out of my head.

  3. Ike Says:

    Re: Feministing’s logo
    As a woman of weight, I also don’t feel very welcome by seeing a thin, stereotypically attractive woman represented on their logo. My silhouette is much rounder – for example, my waist is larger than my head.

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