Africentric education is not black segregation.

Toronto’s Africentric school is open for everyone, not just black students. This is not racial segregation. Everyone needs an Africentric education.

The Africentric grade school will seek to hire a number of black teachers and use a more global, less Europe-focused curriculum to engage more students of colour. It will be open to children of all backgrounds from anywhere in the city.

Currently, our public grade schools are Eurocentric in focus, and children of all colours are led to believe that science, history, and technology starts and ends with Europe and European colonies. Eurocentric schools are not white-only schools. If you grew up in Canada, you had a Eurocentric education, not matter what colour you are.

If you believe that Africentrism is biased, you should also believe that Eurocentrism is biased. If you believe that Africentric education is biased and Eurocentric education is neutral, it means that your worldview is Eurocentric.

Unfortunately, too many Canadians fail to distinguish between “Africentric” and “black only”, and even some CBC news reporters think “Africentric” is interchangeable with “black-focused”. This creates mass confusion among the general public, and instead of quality debate, the general Canadian public reveals the extent of its miseducation.

Gasman (53 people recommended this comment):

Wasn’t racial segregation deemed illegal in Canada? […]

swamprat (52 people recommended this comment):

Martin Luther King Jr. just rolled over in his grave.

CrystalP (35 people recommended this comment):

Why are there such double standards when it comes to “minorities”? If this were a push for an all white school there is no way that this would be approved.

I am proud that Canada is such a diverse country, I am all for promotion of equality and acceptance of different race/religion etc. but I’m white and I’m beginning to feel like I would have a better chance for success in this country if I wasn’t.

ntcMEAsh (22 people recommended this comment):

I really think we are taking a step backwards here…. Imagine the uproar if we re-introduce white only schools…. people would freak out.

RocWells (13 people recommended this comment):

[…] its wrong to seperate, shame on Toronto and whats really disturbing is that its young kids that are being seperated, what kind of lessons are we teaching them? […]

Davebo (11 people recommended this comment):

Why is Toronto promoting Apartheid?

Shouldn’t this so called school be illegal? How can this stand? What does parliament think of Canada becoming the new South Africa?

GaretS (10 people recommended this comment):

I bet nobody would back a white only school…

Puissance (9 people recommended this comment):

Is this a joke? Racial segregation? Who would vote for something like that? Children need to grow up in a multicultural environment.

JaniceRobinson (9 people recommended this comment):

[…] Black people, who have also experienced segregation/isolation in the past….now want to re-experience it?? […]

Jimbo5 (9 people recommended this comment):

Well let me get this straight …my TAX dollars are being used to fund a all black school. […]


Unfortunately, the CBC site does not allow one to downvote comments.

The majority of commenters are arguing against a straw man. Thus, the discussion is unhelpful, and it makes the Canadian public look uneducated.

Here is a bonus stupid comment:

jblack (3 people recommended this comment):


I taught my children to be “color blind” when it comes to a person’s skin color…

Canadians shoudl all be “color blind” and then Canada will work well.

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  1. links for 2008-05-23 « Canadian People of Colour Says:

    […] Africentric education is not black segregation. « Restructure! “Toronto’s Africentric school is open for everyone, not just black students. This is not racial segregation. Everyone needs an Africentric education.” (tags: Africentric education race segregation black Toronto Ontario Canada school public) […]

  2. chinesecanuck Says:

    It’s interesting. The Toronto Catholic school board has three elementary schools that emphasize Ukrainian heritage, yet they never really received much attention.

  3. Restructure! Says:

    I think it’s because they’re black.

  4. grandpa dinosaur Says:

    Thanks for the read, Restructure!

  5. EURO-CENTRIC, UNCE UNCE: Afro-Centric and Euro-centric Schools « Pregnant Drug-Dealing Prostitutes Says:

    […] to add, because I might have neglected to, but this but after reading Restructure’s take on Africentric Schools, I would like to mention that this school allows people of all nationalities and backgrounds to […]

  6. davitacuttita Says:

    Oooh, great post.

    This is a very good site you’ve got going on here, Restructure.

    I think we should tare the fucking system down. I’ll be a regular here from now on.

  7. LLB Says:

    Actually, when you asked whether your reader finds both Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism biased, my initial inclination was to answer yes, they both sound biased. The difficult question is really with what do you replace these options with? There is no escaping perspective. Perhaps the only solution is to provide more than one perspective, to offer the educational equivalent of a multipolar globe, especially on subjects where a perspective really matters, like in history, cultural studies, and other social sciences. This is what I really like to get when I talk about an issue, I look for people who don’t necessarily share my perspective, that have a distinct cultural background from my own that could allow them to see things that I am blind to.

  8. nquest2xl Says:

    Great post and blog!

    I would be interested in hearing how “black focused” translates as a mischaracterization of Africentrism. I know how the term is inadequate. I just don’t know the exact baggage “black focused” has in Canada. I’d probably let it slide in the U.S.

    What did trouble me, though, was how you unintentionally gave the subtle hint that Africentrism and Eurocentrism were the same, just about a different color. That, to me, doesn’t settle the double-standard question and subtly paints Africentrism as troubled by the same problems as Eurocentrism. Like Black supremacists invoke the same objections as White supremacists.

    I think we both know the difference and the very fundamental assumption Africentrism is based on is what LLB says:

    “There is no escaping perspective.”

    So, Africentrists literally felt the need to articulate why people of African descent should view the world, intently, from the lens of their(our) own experience; from their own set of values and value judgments as opposed to compromising the full expression of their own truths and views based on their “minority” status.

    I did catch how you alluded to how Eurocentrism is presumed norm and universal and, therefore, “neutral.”

  9. Restructure! Says:

    I think a “black focused” school sounds like the school is focused on black students (who is being taught), while “Africentric” is about the curriculum (what is being taught).

    Yes, that’s a good point. Africentrism and Eurocentrism are not on the same level. Even Africentric education is going to be Eurocentric to a large degree, while the reverse is untrue.

  10. nquest2xl Says:

    Okay, “who” vs. “what.” Now I understand what you’re getting at and maybe that has particular relevance in Canada but I would have assumed here in the U.S.A. that “black focused” was an attempt to describe who/what the curriculum is focused on.

    I also don’t understand your last point but appreciate this post and the blog overall. We agree that the media and ‘dominant’ cultures try to disparage things like Africentrism with the way they frame debate/discussion with their own terms vs. those of the people promoting Africentrism, in this case.

    It’s like using an English word that doesn’t quite translate accurately from the ‘foreign’ language/concept it’s trying to describe. Even if unintentional, the framing can have give off negative vibes.

  11. black no more Says:

    yea i think we should slave them again cause their dum as and their different and i want my lawns done so yea get them off the street and in the cotten fields

  12. White people are more segregated than minorities. « Restructure! Says:

    […] Africentric education is not black segregation. by Restructure! Posted in Debunking, Science News, White People Studies. Tags: Africentric, Afrocentric, asian, bias, black, Canada, Chinese, diversity, education, framing, Halton Hills, Markham, minority, Mississauga, Ontario, Orangeville, Peel, people of color, Punjabi, race, racism, Richmond Hill, school, segregation, South Asian, statistics, Stouffville, study, Toronto, visible minority, white. […]

  13. ly Says:

    Africentric education is considered a threat by White Canadians because it questions the supposed universality and objectivity of (White) Anglo educational institutions.

    The segregation vs. so-called separatism argument is a diversion.

    The Civil Rights Era’s rhetoric of segregration and colorblindness has today been hijacked by the White mainstream to maintain racial inequality.

    See David Wellman’s “Colorblindness as Color Consciousness.” Colorblind Racism?” for a discussion of this broader trend:

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