Black math teacher can’t do math, according to racist cartoon

A racist cartoon titled “Afrocentric Algebra” showing a black man saying “S’up, dog?” and teaching incorrect math was published by Canada’s Globe & Mail, in response to the decision to open up an Africentric school in Toronto. This is the incorrect algebra on the chalkboard:

√(3x^2) + √(5x) = 12
(√(3x^2) + √(5x))/√3 = 12/3
(√3x^2)/√3 + √5x/√3 = 12/√3
x^2 + √5x/√3 = 12/√3

Line 2: You should divide both sides by the same number, but the left side was divided by √3 while the right side was divided by 3.

Line 3: √(3x^2) became √3x^2, and √(5x) became √5x. The 3 denominator on the right side became √3.

The comic author is implying that to teach “Afrocentric” math is to teach bad math, in addition to suggesting that a typical black teacher would say “S’up, dog?” This is racist, because it suggests that all black people are bad at math and speak in so-called “ebonics”.

Why would the comic author create such a cartoon? Does the author not know any black people in real life?

Why did the Globe & Mail decide to publish this? Did the editors think that stereotyping black people was a valid criticism of Africentric education?

Do they think that they are helping black kids by suggesting that black teachers, and black people in general, are stupid and bad at math? All this comic does is illustrate that even explicit racism against blacks is present in the mainstream Canadian media.

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  1. jason Says:

    your a fucking moron

  2. Jeto Says:

    Here is a black teacher who knows his math

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